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you know how harry knew about half way through? do you think he played along cause he felt bad about messing up the game last time he was on

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Track Name: The 1975 Call Or Delete
Artist: BBC Radio 1 w/ Nick Grimmer

The 1975 Call or Delete on BBC Radio 1

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Bike, is that B-Y-Z…I can spell BANDANA….
-Nick imitating Harry (via blamefincham)

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Nick: And how do you spell Cycle?
Tina: Not the way Harry Styles spelled it.
Nick [imitating Harry]: Sorry my bandana's too tight, the album's out now...I just got back from America, sorry...

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The sun. Harry Styles. Same thing.

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Nick calling Harry and his family this morning on radio

basically this is just crappy audio until someone uploads a good version

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Harry Styles’ mum was listening yesterday and she texted me like ‘Please don’t pick your nose on camera.’ So I did that for Anne. You can’t disrespect Anne!
-Nick Grimshaw (via blamefincham)

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